Why Apple is Obsolete

Apple has become obsolete before their products even come out. This is because while they attempt to be industry leaders, their sights are shorter than a politician’s. They paradoxically want to create the most cutting-edge new products that have a less than 18 month lifespan.

I’ve been an Apple slave since 2003. I learned their operating system, got used to the way my consciousness extended into their products, and got hooked. Sure, you couldn’t customize as much as on a PC, but their shiny aluminum casing and the attention to detail made me feel that my fingers had their own magic carpet to ride.

But then the vice squeeze of greed and control destroyed a once useful technology. Gross profit got in the way of user experience, and the sleek feel of Apple’s products became an empty signifier, a symbol without depth. The coup d’état even forced out Steve Jobs, the mythical creature that Apple attempts to moor its brand in.

No, it is corporate interests, Goldman Sachs and Co. that are calling the shots, and creating Soccer Mom and Metrosexual products, useless to professionals, but easy for the computer-illiterate masses.

Apple is now superficial details, without the power behind it. To call their product line “Pro” becomes laughable at this point in time. While I am well aware that right now, we have bigger fish to fry, as Apple is one of the biggest companies out there, they could lead by example, delivering energy-efficient technologies, and lying less. As it stands, they are the Donald Trump of the computer industry.


Dear Apple,

Why do your computers suck so much? Why have you gone the anti-ecological, the abuser, the douche-bag approach of planned obselescence? Components that cannot be substituted? Soldered in to physically prevent upgrading?
The new MacBook Pro 15 inch computer I paid $3k for, and will soon return, has a battery life of about an hour and a half. It is advertised as having a 10 hour battery. The reality is closer to 15% of that. But such hyperbole should be be a surprise, coming from Apple. When Consumer Reports refused to recommend Apple’s new line up of MacBook Pros, instead of issuing a recall, or offering a free hardware upgrade, like Tesla or any honorable company would, Apple instead pretended that it was Consumer Report’s fault! The audacity of thinking that thinking people would actually believe for a second that we would by this hooey, that some magical problem with Safari  lead to erroneous measurements, rather than admitting the fault in the product itself, and owning up and making it right.
Classic Apple: Instead of fixing the battery problem, Apple disabled the ability for users to see the calculated time remaining on their battery life. Instead of adding a feature, or giving more user flexibility, we’re straightjacketed once again.
Why have you systematically stripped away user preferences? Our ability to dim or turn off your useless touchbar? Why haven’t you just created a touchscreen computer, which we all just wanted anyways? Afraid you’d sell a few less units of your precious ipad? Concerned more about making widgets than actually helping people?
You should not get any tax breaks, refunds, or breaks of any kind because you are no longer a corporation working to help the public good. Instead, you’ve become a parasite, knowing that you have a captured audience.
It is this ecologically-destructive and anti-user stance that will be your downfall. Countries will no longer welcome you. Nobody will cheer your logo. Computer geeks are already moving on to Linux. You are obscene, obstinately, obsolete.
We have had enough with your chicanery and shoddy junk.
On behalf computer users everywhere,