Where are the Democrats?

On the eve of the biggest decision-making point of my lifetime, I ask, where are the Democrats? It’s not as if it is just anomalous that I recognize the tipping point — for transformative harmony or zobified enslavement — that our current era presents. The next election will cauterize a vision for the future of this planet for years to come. Perhaps for the rest of humanity’s time here on this planet.

I think we’re all savvy to this. That’s why Koch and Co. are splooging gazillions of dollars into their usual disinformation campaigns for the circus de Republicanos. Long live greed, ignobility, fascism! they cry out. Long live a two-tiered world of the haves and the have nots, of the organic and GMO, of energy control and energy hungry. Artificial dependency, may ye reign for ever more! herald their calls.

And yet, this leaves me asking: Where are the Democrats? Maybe Democrats don’t even really exist anymore. Maybe a “liberal” might just as well just be a Republican, the way so-called liberals or Democrats are behaving these days, with the anti-democratic Democratic National Committee (DNC) parceling out their votes and favor to the establishment candidate instead of actually supporting the democratic process. God forbid that the people should speak and want something different than the Lords and Ladies presiding over the Mardi gras show. What then?

But the true blue democrats, the Kennedys and the Carters, the rich supporters, Hollywood; Silicon Valley, Harvard–where is there money? Their influence? Why on this good green earth are they not stepping up and making the difference that washes away the confusion of Republican vitriol? Why are they losing the meme war of the race? Where is the fat backing of Democratic candidates for House, Senate, and state offices? Why isn’t there more backlash against these insane Republican Senators refusing to even do their job that they are paid handsomely for to confirm the empty seat on the Supreme Court. Where is the reason in this shitshow of politics that is driven by spectacle rather than vision?

Have they all gone to sleep? Playing on their iPhones? Basking in the self-congratulatory glow of progressivism gone lazy? Resting on their weak boughed laurels? It is a disgrace that the rich and powerful of the world, who aren’t just a bunch of infested hate machines, haven’t yet smacked aside the stupidity and violence of the every-man-for-himself brigade, and started inculcating the universal virtues of honesty, forthrightness, courage, conviction, gumption, solidarity, justice, compassion, and ecological harmony. This is the time, if ever there were one, to act. Please, get off your duff, and poke your local philanthropist today; tell them to create an organization of people who can put good use to their money and artfully combat and lobby against the behemoths of gnashing destruction and biocide using the impenetrable might of grace and goodwill. Rouse them from their slumber, and inspire them to direct their energies towards wiping away the illusion of separateness on this planet; the lie that some could thrive while the rest suffer. Our planet is a unity, and as one leave withers, as one child goes hungry, so too does darkness descend deeper into the marrow of our grandchildren.

Let us rejoice in the freedom from hate, freedom from need, freedom from oppression, so that we can embody the liberties of creativity, rewarding work to our fellow denizen, offering our lives up to a larger purpose and a more beautiful future than the programmed neurosis of petty thoughts and worries could ever provide. Let us roar with gallantry as we tear down the walls of prejudice and open the gates to opportunity, resiliency, and a sustainable future for all.