There are many ways of sense-making currently being fought over right now. As an environmental philosopher and public health scientist, I don’t see any of them being wholly true, accurate, or correct. There is a great battle between reductionist, controlling ways of thinking, that on the one hand try to control because they feel so out of control, and others that try to resist all forms of being in control because they feel so controlled. I advocate *self-control* including being aware of the externalities of our actions on others; while also being aware that ignorance exists in our world at all levels, and it is my responsibility as a loving member of team human to do what I can to intervene diagonally (quer; querlaufend, überquer) in all the myriad ways ignorance, deception, unresolved trauma, and parasitism manifests in myself and all others – to a point where we see that we live in a plurality of perspectives that must finally be in dialog with each other, instead of shouting at and dehumanizing each other.