Leaving Apple

Dear computer geek friends:

My macbook pro is on its last legs and its time for a new computer.
I don’t want to support apple anymore because they are the biggest company in the world, valued at 1 trillion US, and their computers have a planned obsolescence of 3 years. Also, I’ve noticed that in the last 10 years, they have been doing everything they can to shut down sharing, making it difficult to share files except through their locked-down services.
I say bollox to all of this.

And yet, I need a computer that has Live (Abelton), is fast, portable and user friendly.

Ubuntu (Linux) is what I’m leaning towards, but they don’t make Live or other music-making software I’m used to for Linux. That makes me shy away from it. Plus, I’ve heard that if you aren’t a programmer (which I’m not), it’s very hard to fix little bugs.

I was thinking buying a chromebook or thinkpad and partitioning the hard drive linux windows (i would only use windows for music) but that seems very complex for me right now. Do I lose my Mac files? Can they be seamlessly converted?

How can I evolve and go Ubuntu without losing all of my sunken costs in mac?

Please help!