Don’t worry about the system–it’s the individual’s fault

The New York Times’ op-ed attacks midwives.


Quite a “women must deliver babies for the state” sort of article, making individuals responsible for the necessary work-around in an anti-midwifery hospital industry. The article is heavy on the responsibilitization, light on the “its a systemic problem.” Par for the course coming from a Harvard Medical School Dr. Shall we even begin to speak of the environmental toxins that complicate births and how BAU is complicit in the necessity for hospital births? Lead, mercury, diesel, anyone? Or asking the question: Why aren’t there more doctors, rather than only nurses, who get their residency in midwifery and do house calls? These are systemic problems not addressed (at all) in the article. Instead, we get irresponsible women: soon-to-be mothers and these uncredentialed midwifes.