between you and me

between me and you


i imagine a ball of energy and light

like the blue-green earth dappled with etheral clouds

played with care between the hands of gods and goddesses


without touching, we pass intention

back and forth

receiving and responding

until we come to that dripping

liquid condition

where action without actors



movement without mover

the essence of creation

siphoned through our surrender and release


the grace of seasons, of starlit space

of suns and darkness



for, where grace presides

darkness loses its tart flavor

succumbing to the eros of its protective cape


beyond being and not

the dualistic knot loosens

inhaling the mystery of



as a dream of self

without reason

to fret about boundaries and purities

because expansion encompasses

and is encompassed

like an intersecting rainbow


the torus shell

itself existing parallel

as above so as below

inflates observation at every level

until the levels disappear

in one smooth current of flow


that is the offer I gift you,

with a sigh and twinkle

incessantly relaxing

into the truths presented

to myself


I nudge the ball

in your direction

anticipating fresh predilections

to nourish and sate

my thirsty body

so yearning droolingly so

for the soft touch of guidance

in this hot cold world

of insecurity


so pray tell

without telling the future

please, let us share

this relaxation

through maintaing our game

of seperateness

while at once breathing

our delusional desire

into a beautiful, rotating

supple crystaline form