The fractal nature of fracture

My friend Isaac wrote:

Only an unbound heart that is free of any “needing grasp” can truly be committed. Otherwise, the small fractures and subtle shackles will begin to decay the relationship/commitment.
This idea has stuck with me. I have been exploring how and why I commit to things. If it comes from any place of lack, I see how it can start to distort and break apart.

I responded:

Meditation and self-reflection helps us not project onto others and make them responsible for our happiness. As we create the world, we create the world in our image. The question is: what is our image, and how can we refine it so that it is more beautiful, true, and good (for all)? I don’t think we ever get to perfection or completeness; it’s an iterative process. The deeper we dive, the more cracks and fissures we can identify and grist we have to work with that we didn’t even know existed. Going deeper, we uncover more and more, in an endless process. That’s why even in buddhahood there are various stages of buddhahood, the process goes on like a spiral, forever.