My Political Views


My political views? I’m basically against anything that kills people or destroys the planet we live on.
my political views

The problem is that many people, if they have some of their illegitimate privileges taken away (like the rich being taxed. or corporations being regulated ) FEEL as if they are being killed, even though they’re not. The lack of distinction or inability to discern between the actual and perceived threat of life is one of the gravest problems facing us today, and driving people, corporations, and governments into a preemptive berzerker mode killing everything around them because they are so over-threatened by everything that moves.

This hair-triggered anxiety, paired with technological weapons, is a recipe for disaster. We need to be helping people to recoup their sense of boundaries, and recognize the difference between giving up toys, and mortal threat. Until we make this distinction between luxuries and needs, we are in for some serious trouble.

Hyper-reactivity is a symptom of disease, in this case, of mental-illness. I remember the old film, The Corporation, created by the Canadian Broadcasting System back in 2003, which is still shown to high school students in Canada as an education in protecting yourself against corporate propaganda. One of the most chilling scenes is when the filmmakers check off a list of all of the qualities of a sociopath, and corporations fulfill–in a deadly way–every one of them to a T. We have come to believe that corporations, like Philip Morris (now Altria) or Exxon Mobile are people–which have indissoluble rights. I’m guessing if they could corporations would even try to be granted Human Rights, if it weren’t so baldly mad. The Corporation narrates a diagnosis of the problems faced by not being able to tell the difference between actual harms (to other people, which are real, and against the corporation, which, technically speaking, aren’t real physical harms at all), and perceived harms (we don’t blink an eye to homeless on the streets, bombing Syria, or the deaths caused by global capitalism; but decry and whimper about a loss of market share or a new regulation that will cost us money but save lives and nature). It’s time to wake up from this nightmare where up is down and down is up, and realize that biological living entities are more valuable than any amassing of gold.