from the chrysalis

Dear Universe,


In successfully moving from Berlin to Vienna, I also have my website back up online (finally!) with the help of a couple good friends (thanks René and Itom!). It has been a while — partially, because I have been busy focusing on my academic life, and partly because I was just taking a break. With the major hurdles behind me (enshallah), now I can balance my life again, giving due attention to my health, movement, play, music, and my other spiritual practices. Not that my more bookish work isn’t spiritual–in fact, I sincerely strive to make a meditation out of all of my duties and bring joy and insight to those things I most wish to share in service to the world. But sometimes, as those college admissions people say, one has to become “well-lopsided” rather than well-rounded, at least for phases. And I have just been in such a phase, and the cocoon is gently opening.


Liebe Grüße,