Yogi Prateado has been practicing AcroYoga since 2006, and has been a certified teacher since 2008. Prateado loves the fierce and gentle embodiment of AcroYoga as a healthy and informative practice. Prateado thanks his many teachers for introducing him to Taoist, Buddhist, Sufi, Vedic, and other insights. As an instructor for UC Berkeley’s Meditation, Mysticism, and the Mind course for two years, Prateado had the opportunity to study with an assortment of established mystics, which informs his practice. Trained primarily in Ashtanga yoga with a background in Capoeira, Prateado loves the yin of therapeutic and the yang of acrobatics AcroYoga offers. After being flown at Burningman 2006, the art captivated him and has since led to flying and basing any chance possible. You can catch him in the park, teaching classes, offering workshops, and creating conscious, loving community, infused with trust and playfulness, radical self-acceptance, and metta. Namasté.