Everything we do is ecological, even when we pretend that it’s not. Freedom comes with realizing that we can choose in  what direction we create. Harmony with the complex natural order of this planet is my vote. And that takes humility in knowing the limits of our knowledge, and living a life of simplicity, in the midst of accepting our current milieu.


Their are sounds that lift us and sounds that ground us. And many others besides. Let us endeavor to listen, and become sensitive to our own ear, literal and metaphoric; so that we can recognize resonance and dissonance around us, choosing wisely with our intuition.


Physical movement brings us closer to ourselves and others. AcroYoga is like yoga, except that someone else spurs you to work out your karma, the karma that you weren’t really dealing with. It calls you to presence and attendance in the here and now.


Silence is normally the best answer to most predicaments, questions, and paradoxes. But occasionally, it makes sense to open the throat and communicate what has been brewing in the heart and mind.
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Upcoming events: August

2 August Events: Somatic Partner Yoga @thecentersf August 18th and DJing ecstatic SF August 21   Somatic Partner Yoga Thursday, August 18 at 7 PM – 9:15 PM The Center SF 548 Fillmore St, San Francisco, California 94117 Most people think of yoga as a sedentary activity, performed in one’s own bubble. This workshop will defy those conventions, and get to the heart of yoga: the slow deep opening and releasing of old patterns of holding. This workshop will approach partner yoga and acrobatics through the slow warm-up process that enables the fascia to unwind. Working balance, flexibility and strength, we connect with ourselves, and then extend this anchored connection to work with other bodies, integrating elements of yoga, tai chi, meditation, thai massage, and acrobatics. No partner necessary. Bring a yoga mat! $20 in Advance $25 at the door About the teacher A certified yoga teacher and AcroYoga teacher since 2008, Yogi Prateado first fell in love with the art at Burningman 2006. After years of Capoiera training, AcroYoga was the perfect continuation of a dynamic partner physical artform, without the injuries. Prateado has taught and performed widely internationally at private events, acrobatic, yoga, and music festivals, at virtually every California music festival, as well as at weekend workshops and regular weekly classes. Prateado’s love for the adrenaline of acrobatics, combined with the alignment of yoga, and the salve of Thai massage keeps him returning to AcroYoga each time fresh – attentive to the needs and abilities of his current students.     Yogi Prateado (Ecstatic Dance Berlin) will be DJing Edance SF Sunday, August 21st, 2016 read more

The Force of Nature that is Bernie Sanders

As much as I would like to gloat, this really isn’t about proving the NYTimes wrong, Facebook wrong, the Oil Companies wrong, or any of these other institutions that never thought that Bernie would have a chance to win. This is about giving us, and the planet, one last chance. The mainstream, tight-fistedly controlled newmedia never thought Sanders had a chance. The NYTimes writes today, Senator Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in the Wisconsin primary on Tuesday, his sixth straight victory in the Democratic nominating contest and the latest in a string of setbacks for Mrs. Clinton as she seeks to put an end to a prolonged race against an unexpectedly deft and well-funded competitor. I can’t help but thinking that Secretary Clinton has no right to stipulate the beginning or end of a race that doesn’t involve her. Her existence–no matter how established she is–does not generate a coronation. She is one among competitors. And if she seeks to “put an end to a prolonged race,” then she should concede. Otherwise, she should polish her credentials, and increase her transparency. I have to hand it to Amy Chozick for at least running a Sanders story with a positive headline. That’s a first for the news agency, which sabotaged Steinhauer’s recent article on him which initially was positive, and then changed into a smear by editorial staff. What matters most, though, is not that Sanders is finally getting a little respect long overdue. No, Sanders is an important magnetizing force because the truth is, the policies that Cruz, Drumpf, and Clinton propose, will not lead to the deep, broad, and swift... read more

eliminate deadly “gun-free zones”

Gotta love the irony in “gun-free zones” being labeled as “deadly.” This is one of the best instances of doublespeak I’ve witnessed in sometime, and it deserves noting. The petition (by some unknown soldier) named the “Hyperationalist” (yes, that can be read as either “hyper-rationalist” if one adds an extra “r” or as it stands, “hype-rationalist”) started a petition to “Allow Open Carry of Firearms at the Quicken Loans Arena during the RNC Convention in July.” Now, this petition is remarkably like a recent South Park episode where all problems in life are solved by simply giving everyone guns. It’s a libertarian wetdream, that could only occur in a cartoon world. Of course, the notion of the 2nd Amendment was that there shouldn’t be any necessarily trumping monopoly on violence that the state has over and above its citizens–the exact opposite of how the German father of sociology Max Weber defined the state. The state, for Weber is defined by its monopoly over the (legitimate) use of violence, and hence any other use of violence is illegal and punishable. Under this notion, having guns don’t do anything unless you are a suicide bomber, because if you have guns and use them for an illegitimate reason, and most reasons that most people imagine they have guns for may or may not be legitimate, then you will be prosecuted, and in many of the states where people are most attached to their deadly weapons, they have the death penalty. As South Park insinuated, the best way to have total clusterfuck would be to have a bunch of emotionally disturbed people gathered in one... read more

San Francisco’s push against cyclists

The violence wasn’t intentional. Like most violence, it was systemic. The drunken tech bros, dilapidated streets and increased dangerously lost tourists weren’t enough. San Francisco’s rare breed of velicopedes, the dinosaurs of what SF was before it turned the tech version of the Wolf of Wallstreet, now faced the encroachment of Uber overload as well. Don’t you get it? he screamed silently. The increased Amazon Prime orders, the Uber and Lyft rides, the drunks and drugged and vapids “needing” taxis (never mind the pudge, I’ll just narcissistically go to the gym and take a spinning class)–you thought that they wouldn’t be parking in bike lanes, endangering cyclists, scuttling “late” asswholes (sic) around to the detriment and endangerment of the rest of the nonquarentined lot, he replied with disgust. Doesn’t anybody see the problem? That the more bullshit you pile into a city, the more the commons shrink, until they are as negligible as a Castro man’s gstring during Pride? What shall become of our fair city, gone to the cokeheads and self-congratulatories? Is there any more long term thinkers in this fool’s... read more

Vectors of Consumption, Dreams of Soil

Every generation has its obsession. Legos for kids, Starbucks for Gen Xers. But not all obsessions are the same. Sure, obsessions with certain fetishized material goods as identifiers of social belonging are perhaps widespread across time and space, if not universals. But what these objects are, and their environmental and social impacts diverge drastically. To chalk up the latest fad to “it’s in our genes” explanations is to elide the fact that global tech culture may in fact be destroying the planet and all we hold dear. Paroxysms of enthusiasm for tech is by no means universal, but a symptom of cosmopolitan culture. What type of culture is cosmopolitan culture, looking down on the rest of the world from 30 stories? It is a classic North v. South fallacy of universalizing the local, the temporally circumscribed, and the indulgences of rich, morally self-satisfied countries and the media-entranced denizens that inhabit them. For, make no mistake about it: the widgets on offer by global capitalism currently are pay-to-play. There is no hunting skill involved, no luck of serendipity. Instead of trading cowry shells, the currency of tech has a long, long shadow–environmentally and socially. We are not the world. This should be the mantra of every overweight kid indoctrinated by virtual reality and X Box compulsion; every CEO and upstart start-up topsy-turvy progressivist who sees nothing but the myopia of angel investors’ capital; every stay-at-home dad and too-busy-to-care mom; every rosy-cheeked college student relieved to fit in. Our gadgetry, on which I write this morbid post, is an indulgence, and like all indulgences, comes with Corporate Social Responsibility guarantees and... read more